Driving licence course for Categories B in Krakow

Driving licence course for Categories B in Krakow
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Driving Licence course in Poland

Information for foreigners
How to start driving licence training in Poland?

Step 1
Who can learn in Poland?
Driving licence can get a person who is residing in Poland for at least 185 days of the year or who has a permanent residence card or, in the case of students, a document saying that a person is studying in Poland for at least 6 months.
According to the EU Directive 2006/126 / EC, a foreigner staying in Poland who is not a student and doesn’t have a permanent residence card must in writing declare that he or she is in Poland due to professional ties or is going to stay in Poland because of personal relationship . Personal relationship means for example the relationship with a partner, owning a property in which he resides or own company where he works.

Step 2
Medical Examination
You must do a medical examination for the driver candidate. You need to get a medical certificate of no contraindications for driving. Such a medical report can be issued only by a doctor entitled to test drivers by the voivode. You need to look for a doctor, most often you will find them in the research labs of drivers. This examination costs 200 PLN. The doctor on duty of our school -dr. Artur Hering – tel. +48 502 119 743

Step 3
You need to make a clear, current and colour photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) showing you without a headgear and sunglasses. The face must be in the straight-ahead position (like a passport photo).

Step 4
Registration at the Office
Now you have to go to the City Hall (appropriate for your place of residence in Poland) – to the Driver’s Licence Section and provide the following set of documents required fot registration. It is also necessary to obtain a candidate profile of the driver with an individual number PKK.

The required documents:
– an Identity Card – Your ID Card or Passport
– One photograph (size of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
– a medical report
– a Copy of your driving licence (if you already have any other licence)
– Completed registration application (a print available at the office or at our school)

After the submission of the above documents in an official – you will receive a 20 digit PKK number and afterwards you need to send us your PKK number and you can start your course.

How does the course of driving licence for category „B” look likes in Poland?

This training includes learning theory and practical car driving.
The course is in two-parts:
– 30 theoretical lessons
– 30 hours of practical driving around the city
You can buy more hours of training if you think you need them. You will have the opportunity to buy Manual and Learning Tests in English or German. The theoretical examination, which takes place at the State examination Center (MORD), can be on the computer in following languages:
– Polish
– English
– German
You must also pass a practical driving test in the presence of a certified translator who must be in the car during the exam and will translate for you from Polish into English or German whatever the examiner says.
You must arrange a translator on your own and cover the cost of translation.

Auto Academy invites you to take the driving licence course for cat. B in Krakow.

Price of training:
– in English – 4000 PLN
– in German – 4000 PLN

The price includes:
– Driver’s manual (English / German)
– Driver tests (English / German)

More Information – mobile: +48 536 97 90 90

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